The republic of Kenya derives its name from its tallest mountain; Mount Kenya. It is a country based within the sub Saharan part of Africa and straddled by the equator which subsequently splits it in half. Its capital and the largest city in the country is Nairobi. The land of Kenya covers 581,309km2 and has a population estimation of 47million people. Its expansive terrain stretches from around Lake Victoria to Lake Turkana up to the Indian Ocean which is the lowest point at 0metres.

After attaining its independence from British colonial rule Kenya exists as a democratic republic whereby the President is both head of state and head of government and of a multiparty system since the renewal of the constitution in 2010.

Economically in East Africa, Kenya is a powerhouse and is more dynamic than the other countries within the region with Nairobi as a regional commercial hub.

Kenya is one of the most diverse countries within Africa both culturally and linguistically. It boasts of over 40 ethnic groups all who speak different languages. The three major categories of these groupings are Bantus, Nilotes and Cushites. Kenya is also home to various people of foreign descent for instance Europeans, Arabs, Indians and Pakistanis. Kiswahili is the national language spoken by nearly 100% of the Kenyan population while English serves as the official language spoken by most Kenyans as well.


The climate within Kenya varies across the country because the land rises from the sea level up to 5197 meters. The country boasts of a lovely tropical climate. It does not experience the seasons of summer and winter because of its proximity to the equator although it exhibits dry and wet seasons. The temperature fluctuates between 20 degrees centigrade and 28degrees centigrade.

Kenya is a country that has it all, from dense virgin forests to mystical deserts from vast savannah grassland and impressive mountainous regions to the extensive wildlife within various parks and reserves such as Masai Mara , Amboseli and the Aberdares National Park. It also boasts of enchanting beaches and several world heritage sites such as Fort Jesus found in Mombasa, the sacred Mijikenda kaya forests, Mount Kenya National Park among others.

So why not visit Kenya and experience for yourself all it has to offer.