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Amboseli National Park lies immediately northwest of Africa highest mountain, Kilimanjaro, on the Kenya/Tanzania border. Its overs an area of 392km sq. The climate at Amboseli National Park is mainly hot and dry. It is in the rain shadow of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Large concentration of wildlife occurs here in the dry season, hence making it more attractive and popular to tourist.

The great mountain forms a backdrop to most photographers picture and on a clear day and also the snowy peak of kibo is seen. Cheetah, lion, and hyena can also be seen on the salt flat. Giraffe, zebra and wildebeest are also spotted congregating at the edge of the swamps. Elephants abound in the forest and swamps, feeding on the lush papyrus and other grasses.

1.Viewing of wildlife.

The Amboseli is like a gigantic bowl of vast vegetation cover and numerous swamps that harbor wild animals of disparate species from the Big Five to unique birds such as, peacocks and spotty zebras.


  1. A cultural visit to the local villages

The Maasai community is known for its traditional culture that has not been affected by modernization of the African continent. They lead a tribal way of life, which is worth exploring especially their traditional dances and clothing.

  1. Go on an epic Game Drive

Game drives in the Amboseli also provide a truly refreshing encounter of watching the sunrise and sunset in exceptional hues of colour change over the horizon. The Amboseli is a unique formation of nature that is most dry and covered by dust from recurrent winds, which create a “dust devil” phenomenon. This happens from time to time depending on the changes in atmospheric pressure to build a mini-twister like impression in the air.

  1. Nature photography

The Park is probably Africa’s irrefutable background of scenic brilliance. The beautiful scene of the ice-capped Mount Kilimanjaro. The Amboseli is absolutely the embodiment of the African jungle which can be compared to the prairies of the Americas.