Marine park

Mombasa Marine National Park and Reserve is situated on the Northern shores of Mombasa approximately 15 kilometers north of Mombasa Island off Nyali, Bamburi and Shanzu beaches. The park is an aquatic and scenic destination with great ocean ecosystem created by sea features which makes the park more tranquil. These features include the coral reefs. With their different colors, sizes and shapes, the coral reefs are very much visible in the park while on diving experiences. They include the Favia coral, Pavona coral, brain coral, Acropora coral among others. The park is both a marine park and a national reserve. This marine park is approximately 10 kilometers squared and the reserve covers 200 square kilometers.

Mombasa Marine National Park is situated in Mombasa, one of the most visited tourist destinations in Kenya. It encloses within it a part of the back reef, lagoon as well as the reef crest habitats of the Bamburi Nyali fringing reef. Both the park and the reserve are usually utilized amongst the marine protected areas. This is one of the most visited marine parks of Kenya. You can easily spot the coral reefs in the waters here. The coastline of the park is incredibly facilitated with innumerable tourist activities.

Mombasa Marine National Park is one of the few places in the World that protects or preserves the fragile coral reefs on the Kenyan Coast that extends for over 230 kilometers along the shoreline. Interestingly, the Coral reefs play a significant role in the Ecosystem of the ocean by offering food and safety to more than one million species of marine life. The Marine Park is characterized by warm tropical conditions varying at the surface between 25 °C and 31 °C during the year, stable salinity regimes and moderate nutrient levels.

Marine Life

Mombasa Marine National Park and reserve is situated along the Indian Ocean.  Most of the Marine life found in the Indian Ocean is also found in the park. The park provides a home to a large variety of marine life including the jelly fish, sea star, crabs, turtles, lion fish, parrot fish, Urchins, Different varieties of coral species comprising of Acropora, Turbinaria and Porites and many more. There are also larger marine life including the Sharks, dolphins, logger head turtles, hawksbill and green sea turtle just to mention.

Activities in Mombasa Marine National Park

Mombasa Marine Park offers various amazing activities which include;

  1. Sun Bathing

On the sandy beaches along the shoes of the Indian Ocean, visitors can enjoy the warm sun and the cool breeze of the ocean.

  1. Water skiing and windsurfing

It is also the best place for water sports. The park offers wind surfing and water skiing on the calm waters of the Indian Ocean. These activities are done with the assistance of the waves and wind prevailing on the sea.

  1. Snorkeling

Snorkeling in Mombasa Marine National Park involves sailing in the waters of the Indian Ocean in a glass bottom boat to view the aquatic life in the waters of the ocean. You will get a chance to see sea cucumbers, sea horses, urchins, multicolored angel fish, lion fish among other aquatic life.

  1. Boat Riding

Boat rides in Mombasa Marine National Park offers the most magnificent endless views of the blue waters of the ocean at its calm. You will also get a chance to take the most amazing and memorable pictures.

  1. Diving

Scuba diving here is an all year round activity, mainly because of the calm protected conditions of the inside lagoon. Water temperatures are at an amazing 25-31°C/77-87.8°F so no need for wet suits!! The fact that it is within shallow waters allows for spectacular underwater life with breathtaking colors of the marine life. Open to all level of divers, night dives can also be arranged

  1. Marine life viewing

Marine life viewing is one of the main highlight of Mombasa Marine National Park and reserve.

Park Entry fees for Mombasa Marine National Park

Kenyan citizens, Adults are required to pay KSH 100 and Children KSH 100.  East African residents , Adults pay KSH 100 while the children pay the same price. For the non residents Adults USD 15 is required at the entrance while non-resident Child will be required to pay USD 10. These prices may change at any time, it is therefore advisable to first check with your tour organizer for the latest park entrance fees.



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