Tipping in Kenya
Tipping in Kenya

Do I need to tip my tour guide in Kenya?

One of the common questions asked by visitors traveling to Kenya is about tipping. Before traveling to a particular destination, it’s important to have thorough research about its culture and traditions. Knowing the basics can help visitors avoid embarrassing moments and even unwarranted offenses. Tipping etiquette varies significantly from country to country. When it comes to Kenya, tipping is appreciated but not expected.  Tipping is generally appreciated by safari guides and other staff members who provide services to tourists. Remember, a tip is not compulsory so you should only feel like doing it in appreciation of good service.

Why should you tip?

Tipping is an interesting topic to discuss because there seem to be so many different opinions on whether it should be done, how much should be given? What if you had a bad experience? Does the amount you need to tip change based on how long the tour is and who should be tipped. We have found ourselves wondering whether or not it even matters anymore at some point.

Tips translate to a big ‘thank you’ for the  good services provided. If you had a fantastic experience and you really want to thank your tour guide or service provider for going the extra mile, you can leave them a tip. Tipping can encourage your guides to provide an exceptional guest experience consistently. This benefits everyone involved. Guides make more money and, your guests leave their tour and experience with great memories and a more positive experience with your brand.

How Much Should I Tip My Tour Guide?

So you had a good time, your tour guide shared some local recommendations, made you smile, and overall added to your experience, how much is the right amount to tip? How much you put in is up to you. Chat it over with your group. See what you think is fair. Whatever amount you decide on, we can almost guarantee it will make a substantial difference to them. Above it all, the tip amount depends on the service you receive. In other words, outstanding service will result in a bigger reward. A mediocre standard of service will most likely leave staff members with small or no gratuities. It’s absolutely up to you and at the end of the day it’s optional.

When Do You Tip Your Guide?

Most people prefer tipping  at the end of the tour. As you’re saying your goodbyes to the guide, you can simply hand off the Tip. It is not a must you do the same, you can come up with an idea of how and when to give the tip. Without doubt it is always best to tip just once, and always at the end of your trip or stay.

What Should I do if I Don’t feel like tipping?

You should not panic. Some travelers feel that tipping isn’t for them and that is okay. There might be something else you can do to show your gratitude, like write them a thank-you letter or card or leave their company a review mentioning them on it. Any small gesture will be appreciated. That said, not giving a tip does not mean that you didn’t enjoy the tour.

Tipping Currencies

Tips are most commonly given in local currencies but any currency will be gratefully received. Whenever you tip during your trip to Kenya it is important to use the local currency, that is – Kenyan shillings. Otherwise you’ll leave your service providers with cash they can’t use without paying high fees on currency exchange.