Hand sanitizer


In accordance with the guidelines from the Kenyan Ministry of Tourism on health and safety protocols, Kichaka Tours and Travel has instituted the following protocols in regards to covid-19 pandemic:

Education and training

All staff at Kichaka Tours and Travel have received training on preventing and minimising of infections from the covid-19. This is an ongoing process as we continue to receive more updates regarding the pandemic from Kenyan Ministry of Tourism.

Our Vehicles

As per the Covid-19 regulations stipulated for transport by the Ministry of Tourism, Kichaka Tours and Travel safari vehicles (Vans and land cruisers) will carry window seating passengers with enough space between the passengers and maximum will be seven. Family members travelling together are exempted from this requirement.

For coaches, the seating capacity will not exceed 70% of the carrying capacity.

Our vehicles are washed at the end of each trip and sprayed with a surface sanitizer.

Tourist vehicle shall not be allowed to make stopovers at any other place apart from the pre arranged designated points or areas, unless in emergency.

Packed food will be encouraged for long drives.

Temperature and health checks

Temperatures of staff, guides and clients are taken at appropriate times

For clients with a temperature of 37.3°C or more will not be permitted to join the tour. They will be advised to self-isolate or seek medical attention.


Guides and clients are required to wear masks during the duration of the tour.

Alcohol-rub sanitizer

Sanitizer is provided on all tour and safari vehicles and must be applied regularly during the tour by guides and clients.

Hand-rub sanitizer dispensers are available in prominent places in our offices and where our guides and clients convene before and after tours.

Washing hands

Our guides have received trainings on how to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. This involves regularly washing their hands and general good hygiene care. A good supply of soap and sanitizer is supplied to our office staff and guides.

Working from home

Kichaka Tours and Travel adopted a ‘work from home’ policy as per the recommendation of the Kenyan government. Most of the staff are working from home.


Kichaka tours and Travel will only accommodate clients in hotels which have formulated a health and safety protocols in regards to covid-19.

Payment transactions and Documents

Cash transactions will be avoided as much as possible and online payments or cashless methods encouraged. Documents will also be sent online.


Currently, it is a requirement that all travelers coming into Kenya should have a Covid free certificate with the PCR test done within 96 hrs of flying.

Travelers arriving from some specific countries are exempt from the 14 days quarantine by the government of Kenya but must still be in possession of a negative Covid free certificate. More information can be obtained from Kenya Civil Aviation Authority Website.

On 26th March 2021, the Kenya government revised covid-19 containment measures as following:

The below practices and recommendations have been ongoing;

Wearing a face mask is a requirement when in public. Anyone who disregards this rule will be arrested by the police and taken to court.

It is now a custom that temperature checks are conducted when entering public facilities like malls and hotels. Sanitizers are also provided.

Regular updates regarding the corona virus situation are provided by the Kenyan government on National TV stations.

Social distancing is encouraged and where possible, people are told to work from home.

Contactless transactions and interactions are being promoted. It is possible to make payments using credit cards in any outlet which includes curio shops and supermarkets. It is also advisable to send or receive documents online and avoid hard copies.

Most of the travel agencies provide flexible booking terms and conditions. This ensures that travelers do not lose their payments in case they are not able to travel in this uncertain terms.

Travelers also require up to date information regarding various protocols by different countries regarding the corona virus. Kenya has availed all the needed information through organizations like ministry of health and Kenya Civil Aviation Authority. It is also important for travelers to get information about the countries they are travelling through as they usually have requirements regarding the coronavirus. Information and requirements keeps on changing and it Is not surprising to encounter a lockdown or closed borders when someone is in the middle of travel.

Regardless of all these containment measures, Covid 19 still remains lethal and individual effort is also needed to contain the disease. Experts suggest that the virus will remain troublesome until the day world population will have herd immunity. It is therefore paramount that everybody exercise utmost care when it comes to corona virus and practice all the guidelines put in place.




We understand the concerns and anxieties that many prospective travelers have at this time and are fully sympathetic. In order to take account of the natural anxieties that people may have about international travel from their own countries, we are revising our terms to allow postponement of travel to Kenya with no cancellation charge.

  1. For people who postpone their safari due to issues related with the corona pandemic, we will agree to postponement with no cancellation charge or amendment fee for delaying the visit.

– For those postponing, we will allow payments made so far to be carried forward to later dates within 12 months of the originally booked date, subject to added cost if there are seasonal differences in cost if different dates are chosen.

  1. For those who choose to cancel, and who do not wish to postpone, then our normal cancellation charges will apply.
  2. Third-party accommodation and logistics are subject to their own policies. Other exceptions can be discussed on a case-by-case basis between parties.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and update you on any development and changes.