Mombasa raha! (it means fun). A popular phrase that is used by many individuals who visit Mombasa and witness the majesty that the destination is. Besides our popular wildlife destinations that draw in tourists on the regular, Mombasa is one of the most prominent destinations in Kenya to date. It is a place that is deeply rooted in rich history and still runs as a bustling cosmopolitan. Mombasa is essentially an island that is separated from the mainland by a bridge and is accessible via the use of ferries. The town has the wide harbor in its peripheral line of vision and one can observe the intermingling of commercial ships and traditional selling dhows from a vantage point.

Mombasa is a Coastal city located along the Indian Ocean. It is both the oldest and the second largest city in Kenya right after Nairobi which is the capital city. It possesses both an international airport and a great port and houses a second state home for the president. In all rights, it is considered as a second capital. Historically it was considered as an integral trading center and many countries sought to control it due to its strategic location. It boasts of a population of 900,000 people and appeals to individuals who are in search of sun, sand, sea and overall adventure.

As a coastal town, Mombasa has a flat topography and this has an effect on its climate as well. It has a tropical wet and dry climate and the months of April and May are the wettest. Its temperatures are pretty high throughout the years with the numbers ranging between 28.8 degrees and 33.7 degrees Celsius. Mombasa is separated from the mainland by two creeks Kilindini Harbor and the Tudor Creek and is connected to the mainland through the Nyali Bridge in the Northern side and to the South by the Likoni Ferry. The port is accessible via a number of avenues such as the Moi International Airport and the Standard Gauge Rail.

Divided into the South Coast and the North Coast, the coastal region offers an array of touristic features with their City Mombasa at the very center of it all. One cannot visit Mombasa without embarking on an expedition to Nyali located on the mainland. Nyali has a number of beachfront properties that appeal to the weary traveler who would like a comfortable up market area to reside in for the duration of their stay. Nyali is home to a multiplex cinema, shopping malls, post offices and schools.

If you are at your hotel and you’re not spending your time relaxing by the pool or at the beach then take in the sights that Mombasa has to offer such as the Bombolulu Workshops which is a center where their disabled employees create jewelry, wood and leather crafts. It serves as the largest rehabilitation centers in Kenya. A visit to the Hindu Temples would also brighten up your day with its attribution to Mombasa’s cultural diversity. Along Moi Avenue within the city, the Mombasa Tusks offer a beautiful site as well.

Other activities that can be incorporated into the leisure time in Mombasa include a visit to Old Town that is located around Fort Jesus that is a historic district that has been converted into souvenir shops and restaurants. Fort Jesus stands at the water’s edge as an intimidating reminder of the exotic culture and history that is synonymous of Mombasa as a town. The high gun turrets, battlements and underground passages found within this sixteenth Century Fort are evidence of historic struggle for control over port between the Portuguese and the Shirazi Arabs. Remnants of the old Arab and Swahili culture can still be visualized within the town. African gemstones and souvenirs are sold near the fish market known as AQEEQ GALLERIA and is a perfect location for family visits.

The Nyali Theatre features Hollywood and Bollywood new releases coupled with beautiful restaurants within the surrounding areas, a bowling alley and casino. Get a chance to travel to the unspoilt Funzi Island by dhow and experience the mangrove forests in all their untapped glory. If you are lucky you can even bathe on a magical sandbank within the Indian Ocean. Haller Park presents itself as a small zoo that gives of the vibes of a park. You cannot go to Mombasa before heading there for a short afternoon. The animals found here include giraffes, hippos and monkeys as well as a reptile house.

Mombasa is a town where all are welcome and effectively inculcated into the coastal way of living and there is definitely never a dull moment while in the town.