About lake Elementaita

Lake Elementaita gets its name from a Masai word muteita meaning a place of dust. This is because the area is mostly dry and dusty particular in the months January, February and March. The distance is 159km from Nairobi and located close to Nairobi Nakuru highway. It is much closer to Nakuru town at 34km. It is an alkaline lake located in The Great Rift Valley and part of Kenya Lake System which consist of three inter- linked alkaline lakes. Kenya Lake System has been classified as a world heritage site by UNESCO because of their ecological and biological importance. The size of the lake is 18km sq with a depth of about 1.5 meters.

How to get to lake Elementaita

It is easier to get to lake Elementaita using the smooth Nairobi Nakuru highway and branching to lake Elementaita around Gilgil.

There is an airstrip nearby for chartered flights.

What to see and do in Lake Elementaita 

Over 400 birds species have been recorded in the area around the lake. It is an important foraging site for lesser and greater flamingoes. They on feed on the lake’s crustacean, insect larvae and blue-green algae. Tilapia was introduced into the lake in 1962. This caused the flamingo population to dwindle because the fish attract many fish eating birds. The birds also feed on flamingo eggs and chicks. Zebras, gazelle, eland and warthogs can be found grazing on the lake shores. Being a shallow lake, swimming and boating is not practiced in the lake. High quality hotels are found on the lake shores which can be ideal for relaxing. Other activities around the lake include exploration through horse ridding, nature walk and guided bird walk. Soysambu conservancy with plenty of wildlife is nearby providing a perfect opportunity for game drives. Night game drives are also possible.