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The park is approximately 188km west of Mombasa. It is the best for topography fans. It offers many activities and tourist attractions as well as wild life safaris such like:

  • Lake Jipe- Fed by Mt. Kilimanjaro and the north Pare mountains. Also attracts a lot of wildlife and a good place for bird watching.
  • Yatta Platue-Worlds longest lava flow.
  • Mazimu Springs-Located at northern part of the park, it is fringed with palm trees. Also view hippo bathing under water, crocodile and the various fish under water.
  • Explore the lava flow and caves

Bird watching safaris are best done between October and January. The park gives opportunities of prolific bird life. Birds of the semi-arid zone, such as Somali ostrich and golden pipit, slip by more conspicuous white headed buffalo weaver and its vivid coral ramp displayed in flight. Also hornbill, hole-nested bird such as parrots, hawk, skimmer, red and yellow bishop to a few.

It is a home to the largest population of red skinned elephants as well as the Big 5 African animals (buffalo, African lion, leopard and rhino). Other wondrous wildlife in the park are fat pad hippo crocodile, wild dogs, gazelles’, giraffes. Less frequent sighting are gerenuk, fringe caved ogre and hunters hartebeest.