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Tsavo east national park one of the oldest and largest African park in Kenya. Long before a park was created a pair of maleness male lion terrorized the area. They repeatedly killed 135 railway workers by dragging them from their tents despite the thorn fences build to keep them away. Its relative closeness to the beaches and tourist attraction around Malindi and Mombasa make it an ideal one-day wildlife safari destination for those who do not want to stay overnight.

The dominant animals in tsavo east national park are cheetah, cape buffalos, duikers, African elephants, gazelles, gerenuks, giraffes, hares, hartebeest, hyena, impalas, leopards, lion, mongoose, black faced vervet monkeys, Sykes monkeys, crested porcupines, giant rats, black rhinoceros, squirrels, warthogs, waterbucks and zebras.

Some of the fascinating scenes you may see are likely to see;

Elephants in Eden-The sight of dust-red elephants wallowing, rolling and spraying each other with midnight blue waters of the palm shaded Galena river.

Arab Dam-It is visited by thousands of animals and makes a great game view destination.

Mudanda rock-This whale-bucked rock tower above a natural dam which act as a draw to hundreds of elephants.

Largard’s Fall-Named after captain Lugard, the first proconsul of east Africa, the falls feature a bizarrely eroded rock neck.

Spectacular voyages of Discovery-There are vast herds of dust red elephants, fat pods of hippo, giant crocodile, and kaleidoscope of birdlife are set against a blazing backdrop of endless bush.