Malindi Town


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All You Need to Know about Malindi in Kenya

Malindi is a coastal town along the Indian Ocean. Having hosted Vasco da Gama’s fleet in 1498, Malindi town has been welcoming strangers ever since. It’s a bustling town that doesn’t quite have the architecture of Lamu or the easy-going charm of Watamu, but it makes up for it with several worthwhile historical sights, its own marine national park and some fantastic stretches of beach. Malindi town is a melting pot of local cultures with a rich and fascinating history. Wander through the alleys of the atmospheric old town, dine on terrific Italian food beside the Indian Ocean or take a plunge into the crystal-clear waters of the national park, and you’ll discover for yourself that Malindi is quite the charmer.

Northwest of Malindi is the spectacular Marafa Depression, locally known as ‘Nyari’ and popularly known as Hell’s Kitchen. An extensive series of sandstone gorges and sheer gullies, this unique and otherworldly landscape has become part of local folklore. The thick jungles of the Arabuko Sokoke Forest reserve hide a world of wonders. In the cool of the forest winding paths will take you in search of rare endemic birds and mammals. 

Malindi offers a wonderful mix of new and old. All along the palm fringed beaches are luxurious resorts ready to pamper to your every need. But not more than 20 Kms away are the Gede Ruins which was a town founded in the 12th century, which was prosperous and flourished unitl the 17th century when it became abandoned. 

Things to do in Malindi Town

Many people visit Malindi because of its smooth sandy beaches and crystal clear water. Malindi beaches features a host of pristine coasts, beach resorts, beachside restaurants and sea activities. There is a beach for everyone in Malindi. The beaches are perfect for water activities such as deep sea fishing, surfing, diving, water-skiing, snorkelling, and many others.

Malindi town is undoubtedly rich in its history and culture. The coastal town has some amazing places that should be a must visit in everyone’s lifetime. In this town and nearby areas, you will discover beautiful and historical places that will mesmerise you. Places such as nature parks, Falconry of Kenya, Mida Creek, Marine National Park, Vasco da Gama Pillar, Gede Ruins, Takwa ruins, Watamu turtle watch and other amazing places. One of the more intriguing sights inland from the north Kenyan coast is Hell’s Kitchen or Nyari. About 30km northeast of Malindi, it’s an eroded sandstone gorge where jungle, red rock and cliffs heave themselves into a single stunning Mars-like landscape. 

The Malindians love to party and the town is famed for its vibrant nightlife. Malindi holidays are the best time to relax and enjoy the company of your friends. The relaxed atmosphere of the town is so different from that of Nairobi and Mombasa, but it’s quite amazing. You can enjoy a lively nightlife at the town’s various clubs and bars. Nightlife is always thriving in Malindi. Whether you are planning a family vacation, romantic weekend getaway, thrilling adventure, retreats and sightseeing tours, Malindi offers fun and excitement for all ages, preferences and budgets.  Vacation in Malindi is fun and exciting and create lifetime memories.

Climate in Malindi Town

Malindi has a warm tropical climate that is hot and humid throughout the year with temperatures seldom dropping below 20 °C and around 30°C maximum temperatures. The short rains are from October to November and the long rains between April and July.

Malindi Attractions

Arabuko sokoke

This is an ancient forest that lies between kilifi and Malindi. The best time to walk through it is early in the morning or late afternoon. You can jog or ride a bike in it.

Mida creek (Malindi Town)

It is the ideal place for naturists. It’s a creek with mangroves that is home to the juvenile turtles. You will also find fish and bird that are migrating from Europe here.

Che-shale ( Malindi Town)

This is one of Kenya’s vest kept secrets. It’s 20 kilometres north of malindi. The place is serene to a fault. The place is truly heaven and its the perfect place for big game fishing, kite surfing and even camel trips.

Marafa Depression

Found bout 30km northeast of Malindi, it’s an eroded sandstone gorge where jungle, red rock and cliffs heave themselves into a single stunning Mars-like landscape. 


Malindi Marine National Park

It is the oldest marine park in Kenya. It covers 213 sq km of powder-blue fish, organ-pipe coral, green sea turtles and beds of Thalassia sea grass. If you’re extremely lucky, you may spot mako and whale sharks. Unfortunately, these reefs have suffered extensive damage, evidenced by the piles of seashells on sale in Malindi. Monsoon-generated waves can reduce visibility from June to September.

Other attractions include, Idyllic beaches, The Watamu and Malindi Marine National Parks, Gede Ruins and The Juma Mosque and palace.



Best Time to visit Malindi Town

In Malindi, the climate is tropical, hot all year round, with a cooler season from June to September, with May and October as intermediate months. The temperature in Malindi varies little throughout the year, but the differences are sufficient to make the warmest period more unpleasant, whose peak is reached in April, at the onset of the rains . However, the heat is tempered by sea breezes.

The best months to travel to Malindi are August and September, that is, the driest ones within the cool season. In this period, the temperature is pleasant, even though there is a lively breeze, making the sea a bit rough. 


Getting to Malindi Town

By Air:

The Malindi Airport is situated 2.5km (1.5miles) out of town on the Mombasa Road which is lined with scenic coconut plantations. There are daily scheduled flights between Malindi and Mombasa as well as Nairobi and Lamu. The airport also serves private charters. There are taxis available from the airport to your accommodation.

By road:

There is a good tar road from Mombasa to Malindi. Mombasa is approx 120 Km away.