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All you need to know about Lake Naivasha

Lake Naivasha is a fresh water lake with sandy banks and fringed with papyrus in Kenya. The lake is also surrounded by forests of the yellow barked Acacia Xanthophlea, also known as the yellow fever tree. These forests are abundant with bird life. The waters of the lake attracts a wide range of game to the shores. Giraffes and waterbucks wander among the acacia. Buffalos are common. Colobus monkeys are seen on the treetops while the Lakes large hippo population can be easily seen in the lake. Boat rides are ideal for viewing wildlife. A ride can be taken to the nearby Crescent Island where nature walk among wildlife is conducted. 

Hundreds of hippo emerge from Lake Naivasha every evening, grazing in the sunset as you gaze across the rippling water. Colobus monkeys occupy the trees while pelican flocks are illuminated by the moon. There’s always a charming vista here. The small private conservancies around the lake make an idyllic place to spend a night or two.

This isn’t where you find the big five, but their absence opens up new safari opportunities. Walking and boat safaris are the norm, while journeys on horseback are imbued by thrill. The nearby Hell’s Gate National Park is the perfect place for a mountain bike safari, and you’ll even encounter giraffe and buffalo on two wheels. Usually you explore for a couple of hours then return to the lodge and unwind.

Serene and surreal, these are the highlight of the experience, especially when you’re on long safari itinerary. So come to savour the tranquility and soak up the enchantment of wildlife scattered across your panorama on a kenya safari with us.  Reach out to our Safari planner today.

Lake Naivasha wildlife and Birds

Hippos dominate and there are thousands in the lake, each pod with its own territory. They graze beneath the lakeside lodges, an enchanting sight while fine dining beneath the stars. Wildlife is scattered across the lake shore and often visible from the main road. The likes of zebra, giraffe, buffalo, and gazelle all feed without the threat of predators. Velvet and Columbus monkeys are equally plentiful. The forest surrounding the lake is abundant with bird life, and Naivasha is indeed known as a world class birding destination. From boat trips on the lake you can get close to Cormorants drying their wings, Pink Backed Pelicans, Herons, colorful Kingfishers and Fish Eagles. Other birds seen around the lake include the Goliath Heron, Jacana and Great White Egret.


Things to do at Lake Naivasha 

Below are some of the best things to do while at Lake Naivasha in Kenya

Go on a Horse Back Safari

Touring the region of Mt Longonot over the horseback is something exciting and thrilling you can try. The Sanctuary Farm offers the best place to experience the nature, wildlife and adventure as rock climbing.

Tour the Historical Site

Kariandusi is the nearest attraction to Lake Naivasha exhibiting the history of mankind, known as the cradle of humanity. Explore the fossils of humankind, their civilization and ruins dig beneath the pits and the damaged walls.

Ol Karia Geothermal Spa

Enjoy the dip in the hot water at Ol Karia that is known to be the largest geothermal spa in Africa. Formed with the volcanic activity, the spa is a man made pool offering the escape from the hustle bustle into the calm and tranquil environment.

Hiking up Mt. Longonot

The Mt. Longonot offers the hiking trail at Lake Naivasha adjacent to its magnificent volcanic land. A half day tour to the mount is recommended by most of the hikers during the trip to Lake Naivasha.

Safari with Animals

Enjoy the safari with a visit to Crescent Island Sanctuary that houses some of the wildlife species of Kenya. With no predators dwelling around, the walking safari is an easy and excellent option to plan.

View Flamingos at Lake Elementaita

Home to vast flocks of brightly coloured birds, Lake Naivasha is the best spot to view the Flamingos. Plan a tour to Lake Elementaita that houses some of the vibrant species of Flamingos and other bird species.

Experience Boat safari at Lake Naivasha

Take a guided tour of boat safari at and explore the concentrated wild beast, the wildlife gazing beside the lake and the vibrant birdlife. From pelicans to cranes to coloured birds are on display.

Places to visit in Lake Naivasha


The Kariandusi is the historic site near the lake that is known to be the cradle of Humankind at Kenya. The site preserves the historical facts and fossil remains fossils that are dating back to the era of Stone Age.

Crescent Island

Boasting an abundance of wildlife and scenic beauty, the Crescent Island is the most visited tourist place in Lake Naivasha. The island, being the hub of immense wildlife and beauty makes it an ideal spot for safari and picnic.

Mount Longonot

On the route to Great Rift Valley, Mount Longonot is one of the known attractions for tourist at Lake Naivasha. The place is even known as the habitat for some wildlife including the population of zebras, buffalos, giraffes and gazelles.

Hell’s Gate National Park

Lying towards the south, the Hell’s Gate is one of the top attraction at here. The park not just holds the population of wilds like the zebras or the hartebeests but also the opens up the adventure for the visitors like rock climbing.

Best time to visit Lake Naivasha

You can explore the best of Lake Naivasha throughout the year with it pleasing climatic condition. Talking about the best time to visit Lake Naivasha, the months from June to October are the best time to travel around, exploring the wildlife and the scenic beauty. These are the summer season with hot days but bearable situation for a safari.

The winters are even considered ideal for the tour of Lake Naivasha as the climate is cold and pleasing. However there may be a little rain but overall the temperature is ideal for an excursion.

How to get to Lake Naivasha by road and air

The Lake is easily accesible via flight and road. Travelling to Lake Naivasha depends on which route you choose to travel from.

Via Air:

Nairobi Airport and the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport are the closest airports through which most visitors come to Lake Naivasha. Some of the airlines that operate here are Kenya Airways, Egypt Air, Emirates, Air Arabia, Lufthansa, KLM, South African Airways and many others.

Via Road:

There are no direct busses that ply to Lake Naivasha. You will have get to the city center and hop on to the buses that run on daily basis to Lake Naivasha.




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