Kakamega Forest
Kitale Museum
Kitale Museum
Kitale Museum
Kitale museum
Kitale Museum
Kakamega forest
kakamega forest
Kakamega Forest

Kakamega Forest and Kitale Museum Tour


Discover the stunning untouched virgin tropical rainforest of the Kakamega Forest Reserve in Kenya on this tailor-made tour. Kakamega forest remains a relatively quiet haven for nature lovers with a number of good walking trails and excellent guides on hand. Learn about the history of Kenyan communities, Lt. colonel Stoneham, animal and plant species of Kitale museum or go hiking through the nature trail, with a chance to do some bird watching and picnics.



These days, visitors to the African wilderness areas want to do more than simply spot large game. To cater for this need, we have designed a  three-day Kakamega forest and Kitale Museum tour which are located in western part of Kenya. The two places visited on this tour are bird watchers paradises with Kakamega forest having over 330 bird species recorded and unique wildlife. This will enable birding enthusiasts to identify a great variety of species of birds by sight and sound and to also learn about their biology and ecology. Kitale Museum is the first of the inland museums to be developed in Kenya, and it is home to many unique Africa artifacts and fossils. Visitors can explore the gallery of this historic place. The museum displays traditional Kenyan homes, weaponry, utensils and native musical instruments gathered from various tribes within Kenya and a nature trail that conserves various rare plants and animals.


Highlights of the safari

  • Accommodation in comfortable lodges

Accommodation based on lodges and camps equivalent of 3-5-stars.

  • Museum visit

The Kitale Museum has a lot of ethnographical materials collected from surrounding ethnic groups in addition to Stoneham’s collections.

  • Nature trails

Kakamega forest and Kitale museum have a network of hiking trails for visitors to enjoy one of Kenya’s most unique attractions.

  • Can be customized and fine-tuned 

You can request for adjustment of Kakamega Forest and Kitale Museum Explorer Safari  itinerary to meet your requirements. This can include the number of days and change of accommodation facilities among other things.

  • It can start in any day

Kakamega Forest and Kitale Museum Explorer Safari can start on any day.

  • Flexible deferment policy in case of inability to travel due to corona virus.

Book now. Pay later. 100%  refund if cancelled 1 month to the safari for bookings after 01/09/2021. Less than 1 month cancellation will be subject to deferral without loosing your payment for a period of  year at no extra charge.



  1. KITALE MUSEUMIt is the first domestic museum opened in Kenya. The museum holds animals such as Nile crocodiles, leopard tortoises and various poisonous snakes such as the puff adder. It also has a gallery that displays items gathered from various tribes within Kenya and a nature trail.
  2. KAKAMEGA FOREST –  It is a mid altitude tropical rain forest. Kakamega Forest Reserve is one of the hidden gems in Kenya, far removed from the drama of the Big Five but with an appeal its own. For birders and people who prefer off the beaten path tours, this magnificent park is a place you should tour and discover species only unique to this park.

Kakamega forestKitale Museum



Pick up from your hotel early in the morning and head to Kitale Museum. Start with birdwatching along the Kitale museum nature trail. The morning hours are the best for birdwatching here. You will also spot the rare black and white Columbus Moneys, Vervet Monkeys, different kinds of butterflies and even snake in the forest. Afterwards you will visit the gallery where there various items are displayed display collected from different tribes in Kenya. You will finally head to the snake park section where you will find animals in captivity including snakes, Crocodiles and tortoises and a biogas digester system. You will then have lunch in Kitale town before heading out to Kakamega forest where upon arrival you will check in at your hotel and rest. 

  • Dinner and overnights at Rondo Retreat Centre
  • Meal Plan: Dinner, Breakfast

Rondo Retreat CentreRondo Retreat Centre Kakamega



After breakfast, Head out for a full day in Kakamega forest with picnic lunch. This authentic rainforest wilderness will presents you with the opportunity to view innumerable birds, butterflies, flowers, reptiles and small mammals including primates in a habitat that towers old trees, rare plants and herbs. Kakamega merits the hosting of flora that is native to the highlands and lower altitudes of Kenya. You will explore grasslands, climb hills, skirt the Yala River and view the gorgeous Isiukhu Falls. Birding is at its best during early mornings and late evenings. On your wat back to the lodge, stop at the caves on the hillsides to view the largest bats in Africa – hammer-headed fruit bats.

  • Dinner and overnights at Rondo Retreat Centre
  • Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Rondo Retreat CentreRondo Retreat Centre



After breakfast, check out of your hotel and head back to Nairobi or Kitale. You may choose to take a local flight from Kitale airstrip to catch your international flight back in Nairobi or drive.

That is the end of Kakamega forest and Kitale Museum tour.


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