Full Day Crescent Island Experience
Crescent Island Lake Naivasha
Full Day Crescent Island Experience

Full Day Crescent Island Experience


Crescent Island remains the most charming and rewarding destination you would ever visit while in Kenya. The Island is the best place for walking safaris as well as trolling amidst grazing Zebras, Giraffes, wildebeests, and many more. The place is also good for Meditation, photography, and bird watching as you enjoy the calm ambiance of this undisturbed sanctuary. Come and experience the true definition of wilderness in Africa in a calm place with fresh air.


Having a full day in Nairobi and don’t know what to do? we have an exciting day trip for you to Crescent Island! At Crescent island, you can spend the whole day with the beautiful birds and graceful animals that inhabit the park. Crescent Island is a hidden gem in Naivasha. It is one of the most beautiful sanctuaries in Kenya and is often known as “Naivasha’s best-kept secret”. Surrounded by water, it is a peninsula and is only accessible by boat from the East or West side. Lying on the shores of Lake Naivasha, this magical space offers several unforgettable experiences that you should get to experience.


Safari Highlights

  • Duration 

The safari will last the whole day. The timings can also be fine-tuned according to a traveler’s needs.

  • Transport

Pick-up will be from your hotel or residence and drop back after the day trip. Safari vehicle type can either be a 4×4 land cruiser or a safari minivan. This will depend on the traveler’s budget.


Full-Day Crescent Island Experience Itinerary

Depart from Nairobi in the morning for a scenic drive to Lake Naivasha. Take a boat ride to Crescent Island for a unique walk with the wildlife. You can start your day with bird watching. The island hosts both land and water birds, thanks to the lake. Some of the birds you are bound to see are water eagles, the yellow-billed stork, and the ibis among others. The birds are scenery to behold and their calls are magnificent.

Enjoy a safari on foot with the possibility of spotting giraffes, zebras, dik-diks, wildebeests and impalas, and an array of birds. You can carry a packed lunch and have a picnic on the island. This excursion can be done in conjunction with Hell’s Gate National Park or Mt. Longonot National Park.

Crescent Island is the one sanctuary in Kenya with the highest number of animals per acre. Most of the animals here are herbivores such as Giraffes, Zebras, Impalas, and Hippos. The amazing thing is that you get to take a nature walk among these animals without fear of harm or danger.

If you enjoy nature photography, then you will be overwhelmed by the beauty that Crescent Island holds. From small to big animals, birds, the sunset, and the lush green vegetation that covers the space. You are sure to capture moments that are unique to the island.

Finally, you can sit and set up a picnic in one of the many spaces in the sanctuary. Enjoy your snacks and drinks with the sun subtly warming your necks and the gentle but steady breeze keeping you cool. Just make sure that you do not litter the park and stay clear of the places that are out of bounds. You will later drive back to Nairobi with unforgettable memories.

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