Most safari tours and trips start in the Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. It hosts Jomo Kenyatta International airport which is the major airport in the country. On arrival, tourists can either be accommodated in any of its world class hotels or embark on a safari immediately. The city is often referred to as the

Why you should visit Kenya summarizes the reasons which will make you visit our beautiful country. Kenya is regarded as the birthplace of safari. It is a multi-experiential destination. Within its borders, visitors will find savannahs rich in game and birdlife. There is also timeless cultures that remain unchanged by the modern world. Pristine beaches, coral

Covid 19 pandemic has affected everyone in the world. The disease is novel and much is still not known about it. Focus is now placed on people surviving the outbreak with a variety of containment measures being put in place by governments. The travel industry has been adversely affected with many people shelving their travel

Masai Mara National reserve is located in the southern part of Kenya. It is the most popular park in country and a premier park in Africa. Masai Mara National Reserve covers an area of about 1510 sq. kilometers. Three rivers run through the reserve namely Mara river, Sand river and Talek river.  Masai Mara National Reserve

You are planning a Kenya vacation. The following affordable packages will simplify the planning of your dream holiday. Whether it is a romantic vacation, all inclusive safari or a family trip, we have you covered. The Kenya vacation packages can be fine tuned to match your requirements. We can also help you design your own

The name ‘Nairobi’ comes from the Maasai word Enkare which means “cool water”. The name was coined from this because of the waters from the Nairobi River which flows through the city. Nairobi lies on the River Athi on the Southern part of the country with an elevation of 5,889 feet above sea level. Nairobi

Superb and breathtaking, the coast beaches in Kenya are top in Africa. Sun sand and sea summarizes the Kenyan coast in few words. From beautiful white sand beaches fringed by palm trees swaying to the trade winds and straddling the warm Indian ocean, the appeal of the beaches are in a class of there own.

Corona information for Kenya traveler answers the questions mostly asked by people travelling to Kenya during the pandemic. The corona pandemic situation in the world is fluid and constantly changing. This has necessitated governments to have policies and regulations in place to contain the spread of the corona virus.

Birding tours in Kenya provides an opportunity to witness the many different bird species found in the country. Kenya is home to some of the best hotspots that are used for various birding experiences. One of the most visited countries of Africa as it is renowned for its Safari opportunities. A country that is famed

We have selected 5 Kenya Safari popular packages visiting premier destinations in Kenya. They vary in duration of days and can be fine tuned or customized further. More safari options are available on Kichaka tours and Travel website. Below is a brief overview of our beautiful country before getting to the selected safari choices.