When you are travelling from one destination to the next, sometimes connecting flights cannot be avoided. A layover is what happens when you take a flight from one place to another, with a stop in the middle. If you have a long wait between connecting flights, you might be wondering what to do during a

Tourism is considered a leading global sector in employment and international development. It creates 1 in 10 jobs (World Travel & Tourism Council). Many countries significantly depend on the income generated from the tourism industry to stay afloat. One cannot deny that the tourism industry and its global status makes it an economic powerhouse. However,

Safeguarding valuable wildlife resources for current and future generations is one of the agenda for the Kenyan government today. Kenya’s wildlife population is in a decline, with an average loss of 68% over the last 40 years. There are 33 mammalian, 28 avian and 356 plant species in Kenya under threat. The wildlife species population

  The Great wildebeest migration refers to the continuous movement of vast numbers of wildebeest accompanied by large numbers of zebras and gazelles searching for food and water between Tanzania and Kenya. Wildebeest also known as white bearded Gnu is an antelope with a broad and flattened muzzle, cow like horns, short neck and high

“The Samburu special five” are unique wildlife species found in Samburu Game Reserve in Kenya. They are: Beisa Oryx, Reticulated Giraffe, Grevy’s Zebra, Gerenuk and Somali ostrich, and are endemic to Samburu ecosystem. Samburu stands out for having the special five. It is one of the finest wildlife reserves in Kenya, teeming with wildlife and

The Global Code of Ethics for Tourism (GCET) is a comprehensive set of principles developed by World Tourism Organization for key players in tourism and acts as guide for tourism development. Key players in tourism are governments, the travel industry, communities and tourists. The GCET aim is to help in maximizing the sector’s benefits while

  Rhinos are the second largest land mammals in the world, surpassed only by the elephant in its bulk and weight. There are two species of African Rhinos and they are distinct in their own way, the White and the Black Rhino. Their names have nothing to do with the color of their skin. They’re

Looking for a tour operator based in Nairobi Kenya? Look no further. Kichaka Tours and Travel is here for you. Kichaka means bush in Kiswahili, Kenya’s national language. Kichaka Tours and Travel limited is a specialist tour operator based in Kenya. It is a limited company incorporated in 2016 under Kenya company act of 2015.

Lesser and Greater flamingoes have the longest necks and legs relative to body size compared to other family of birds. This enables them to wade in deep water. The long necks allow them to feed from the bottom of lakes where they reside. In shallow water, they sweep their bills from side to side stirring

With the corona pandemic ravaging the world, private and customized safari is the best way to go. Travelers are wary of sharing tour vehicles with strangers and most would prefer to have a safari vehicle of their own. The definition of “Private safari” means you have your own private safari vehicle  with a personal driver