We have selected 5 Kenya Safari popular packages visiting premier destinations in Kenya. They vary in duration of days and can be fine tuned or customized further. More safari options are available on Kichaka tours and Travel website. Below is a brief overview of our beautiful country before getting to the selected safari choices.

              Kenya safari planning tips is a basic guide to help you plan your Kenya safari. Going on a safari is many people’s dream and a sort after experience. Safari means journey in Kenya’s Swahili language, hence safari holidays is synonymous with the East Africa region and particularly Kenya.

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A Kenya hot air balloon safari is one of the most sort after experience. Hot air balloon is a type of aircraft made up of a bag or envelope filled with heated air. The heated air in the envelope makes it buoyant and this enables it to float in the air. Below the envelope is

The term “Big Five” originally referred to the difficulty in hunting the lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and African buffalo.  It was considered a feat by trophy hunters to bring them home.

The sgr train is modern rail project undertaken by the Kenyan government. Many years ago before Europeans set foot in Kenya, a Kalenjin prophet spoke of an iron snake that would be slithering its way across the land devouring cattle and causing destruction along the way.He said the beast would bring a foreigner who would

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Who doesn’t like food? Wait, that is a pretty loaded question if you look at it from different angles. Regardless, food is sustenance. It provides nourishment to our bodies and ensures that the various building blocks that make up our bodies synergies are properly maintained, hence the advent of food tourism in Kenya. 

Let us focus on green tourism. Have you ever wondered what our reserves and game parks would look like a couple of years down the line? Or more realistically in say in about 10 years? Well the visual could either be positive or negative depending on how we utilize the resources at our disposal. It