What Do Tented Camps Mean on a Safari?
What Do Tented Camps Mean on a Safari?

Tented camps have always been a source of adventure and excitement for travelers who want to enjoy the wild ruggedness of Kenya! Tented camps offer you a limitless view of wildlife, keeping you away from people’s monotonous activities.

There are plenty of tented camps and lodges in Kenya, from the cheapest ones to 5-star luxury levels. In set-up and location, a tented camp is similar to a lodge. You will find tented camps in national parks and game reserves, rather than in a city. Kenya has a world of variety when it comes to tented accommodation camps, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to another realm in the bush as your every desire comes to try.

Most tented camps and lodges in Kenya offer a private bathroom, generally built in masonry, and equipped with shower and hot water, big beds, and mosquito nets. Electricity, in most cases, is available for a few hours during the day and in the evening time until Midnight. The windows are usually a simple screen or netting – letting the fresh scents and smells of the bush waft in.

Often, these tented camps have no fence, so the game is free to walk through the camp and they often do. At these camps, please don’t risk walking alone at night, rather go with a ranger at all times. There are two options available permanent tented camps and mobile tented camps. We’ve put together this quick comparison between the two options so you can make an informed decision as to which is best for you during your safari.

Permanent Tented Camps

These camps feature tents that enjoy a fixed position throughout the year. Permanent tented safari camps usually come with the full package. They offer state-of-the-art facilities such as a swimming pool, spa, hot shower after your safari adventure, and so on. There is a wide range of facilities to ensure your stay is memorable such as a gym, swimming pool, spas, king-size beds, stylish antique furniture, and en-suite bathrooms.

Permanent tented camps are often more pricey than mobile tented camps for obvious reasons. They have more to offer in terms of facilities and amenities so a price difference should be expected. To many people, especially elderly travelers, permanent camps and lodges offer more comfort than mobile tents since their fixed position means not having to move from one spot to another now and then.

Mobile Tented Camps

Mobile-tented safari camps are movable from one location to another just like their name suggests. Mobile tented camps are generally more affordable than permanent camps.  so if you are on a budget then you might as well go for this option. Mobile tented camps usually have more adventure appeal as you get to experience traversing the wild and setting up camp at different locations. You get to enjoy the scenic wildlife atmosphere, watch the dark skies at night and count the stars, or just chat around the flickering fire. You feel like you are one with wild too.

Often time, many tourists feel like mobile tented camps are less comfortable than permanent camps and lodges. Well, mobile tented camps can be just as luxurious as modern ones are now providing necessary amenities to ensure you are not missing out on anything.

Both permanent and mobile tented camps are great for a safari in Africa. Which one you’ll go for then depends on your budget, sense of adventure, and travel preferences among others. Either way, a safari is a phenomenal event so even just getting the opportunity to go on one makes the journey incredibly worth it regardless of your accommodation choice.