Ruma National Park


Ruma National Park lies in Western Kenya, close to the shores of Lake Victoria, the Park is situated in one of the most productive and populous regions in Kenya. Dubbed the “Dramatic valley of the Roan Antelope and Oribi”, the park protects the only indigenous population of rare roan antelopes within Kenya. Ruma national park was established in 1966 as Lambwe valley game reserve and gazetted in 1983 where it was renamed Ruma after one of Kenya’s most powerful wizard named Gormahia who resided in the vicinity. 



Ruma National Park has a humid climate with the long rains falling in the months of April to June and the short rains falling in the the months of October-December. Ruma can be visited year-round and a sturdy 4×4 is required for game drives.



A mosaic of landscapes, ranging from riverine woodland and rolling savannah to magnificent escarpments and towering cliffs, Ruma National Park promises undiscovered wildlife treasures and undisturbed peace. 



Ruma national park inhabits a variety of animals and birds of various species. It’s a 120 Square Kilometer wild landscape forming a patchwork of habitats with shady woodlands, grassland savannah, towering cliffs, robust acacia thickets, pearly black volcanic plugs and bodyguard like riverine woodlands stubbornly surrounding the rivers. Despite its small size, the park is an art decor with enchanting views of:  African leopards, roan antelopes, eastern black rhinoceros, Rothschild’s giraffes, oribis, cape buffalos, Lelwel hartebeests, olive baboons, Bohor reedbucks, hyenas, servals, topis, honey badgers, bushpigs and vervet monkeys among others. Over 400 species of birds have been recorded in this park making it an Important Bird Area. The rare intra-African migrant, the blue swallow is one such avian species.



Game viewing – Game viewing in Ruma is best done in the mornings and afternoon. The park is famous for inhabiting the last population of roan antelopes in Kenya and other beautiful animal species worth viewing. Some of the animals you will enjoy watching include roan antelopes, hyenas, hartebeests, Rothschild giraffe, leopards, cape buffaloes, hartebeests, honey badgers among others.

Nature walks – Ruma park is one of the best places to go for nature walk experience, the park is endowed with magnificent landscapes comprising the Lambwe river, riverine woodland and towering cliffs. During your walk through the park using various trails, you will encountering various species of plants, birds and animals such as the roan antelopes, cape buffaloes among others.

Bird watching – The park is one of the best Kenya birding destinations offering tourists an opportunity to spot some of the rare species including the rare blue swallow, kingfishers, sunbirds, African fish eagles, red-necked francolin, crested francolin, speckled pigeon, African green- pigeon among others. The park is home to over 400 bird species which will blow your mind while bird watching.

Hiking – Hiking here is done in the Gwassi hills which are seen in the backdrop of Ruma national park, the hill is
dominated by natural forests filled with various species of plants bearing beautiful wild flowers and many birds which you will enjoy watching during your hiking expedition.


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