Diani beach is considered as the most popular beach in the Kenyan coastline. It is a vibrant, intimate little paradise on the quiet shores of the Indian Ocean, just south of Mombasa, incorporating Tiwi Beach, Galu Beach, Chale Island, Funzi Island, Msambweni and Kinondo. It is quite easily the most relaxing spot that any tourist or any local would be happy to visit and unwind or to take in the different sites that the coastline has to offer. It is accessible by air and by road. It is surrounded by the alluring emerald waters of the Indian Ocean and boasts of up to 17kilometres of beautiful, shiny captivating soft white sand.

Diani beach was awarded as the best beach destination in Africa for five years running. It is a popular destination for all and sundry, from families with both older and younger children to backpackers who are off on an adventure, to honeymooners who would like their time together to be punctuated with views of the fantastic ocean and jaw-dropping sunsets. 

Diani beach has a number of magnificent restaurants with an array of delicacies that are definitely to die for. Both for the vegetarians and non-vegetarians. It is definitely a foodie’s haven and heaven. You can enjoy a well laid sea-food platter, a luxurious restaurant, delve deeper into the town, and enjoy the variety and the intricacy of the Swahili Cuisine.


The climate at Diani Beach is tropical, wet and warm. The area around Diani Beach experiences a couple of rainy seasons – one from April to May and another in November and December. Any time from June through October should guarantee fine weather.



There are several thing to do when one visits Diani and they include the following;

  • Scuba Diving – Diani beach is one of the very few places in the world where every jump is a beach jump and the weather is almost always fine. Diving is a big deal in Diani Beach, where you can take “diving safaris” on traditional dhows, including excursions to the Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park and Reserve – home to a huge dolphin colony.
  • Kite Surfing – Kitesurfing in Diani Beach is an epic experience. With such a range of kite spots and perfect conditions for all skill levels.
  • Boat Riding – Experience a boat ride, well, it’s not just an ordinary boat, but an original dhow. These boats have sailed the ocean for hundreds of years. The dhow exudes a special charm and enchants everyone who steps on board.
  • Visit Wasini Island and Kisite Marine Park – Visit the 39 kilometers of protected waters at Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park off the coast of Wasini Island for some truly fantastic snorkeling opportunities. Have a look at the coral gardens and the slave caves.
  • Snorkeling – Enjoy the temperate waters as an incredible scene plays out below; surreal lionfish on the hunt, sea turtles smoothly navigating the reefs and pods of dolphins moving in playful formation.
  • Fishing – Kenya offers some of the World’s best big game fishing. This is your perfect chance to catch awesome big game fish and enjoy the marine life.
  • Shop, Eat and Relax – The contemporary styling, relaxed atmosphere, variety of shops and facilities in Diani provide a unique shopping experience.
  • Explore the wild – Visible from the beach, the Shimba Hills National Reserve is a haven of biodiversity where you can glimpse elephants and sable antelopes, and hike to gorgeous waterfalls.
  • Engage in land based activities – If you are a land-lubber, Diani Beach delivers as well, with golf courses, great shopping centers, and – for the most adventurous – a popular skydiving school.
  • Swim with the dolphins – Dolphins are beautiful, intelligent creatures who offer an experience like no other. If you are in luck, you may be able to spot some whale sharks.
  • Camel Riding – Camel riding along Diani Beach is loads of fun and can also be a great way to get to the different beach restaurants along the coastline.
  • Sky Diving – One of the most fascinating and entertaining activity to participate in while at Diani beach is sky diving which attracts millions of people to the beach, sky diving at the beach is offered by Skydiving Diani, the only Kenya’s permanent sky diving club.



When it comes to accommodation, Diani beach possesses several beachfront properties that are luxurious and opulent to budget properties that give you a good treat for your money. The properties within Diani beach are more isolated and offer a tranquil feel and a form of privacy that a number of people prefer. Nothing is done halfway at Diani beach. The accommodation facilities include; Baobab beach resort and spa, Swahili beach resort, Diani reef beach resort and spa, Diani sea resort, Afrika pearl and spa, the sands at Chale Island, waterlovers beach resort, leopard beach resort and Spa, the Maji beach boutique hotel, Diani backpackers and many more.