The term “Park entrance fee” means the recreation fee authorized to be charged to enter onto lands managed by the  Kenya Wildlife Service in Kenya. It is the fees applied for entry, camping and special attractions in the parks. The Kenya Wildlife Service, (KWS) introduced seasonal park entry fees that will be effective from July 1 2022. By introducing the seasonal park entry fees, the Kenyan parks are expected to be year-round tourist destinations. KWS said that “By creating a seasonal tariff structure, it is projected that tour operators and other visitors will take advantage of attractive discounts to visit the parks”. The previous years, Kenyan parks have been having uniform park entry fees. 

Kenya seasonal park entrance fees

Protecting our natural and cultural heritage while ensuring that everyone visiting these areas has a safe, enjoyable and education experience costs money. What you might not know is that the entrance and recreation fees you pay when you visit national parks make these experiences possible. Fees provide a significant source of funding for visitor programs and services in our national parks. The fee collected is used to enhance the visitor experience such as: Repair, maintenance and facility enhancement related directly to visitor enjoyment, visitor access, and health and safety. It is also used for Habitat restoration directly related to wildlife-dependent recreation including hunting, fishing, wildlife observation, and photography. Entrance fees are probably the most widely used and easily accessible source of self-generated protected area revenues.  

Managing our public lands is a major financial investment. Those who use these areas for recreation derive a greater benefit from—and place a greater burden on—resources than the public at large. Entrance fees redistribute that burden so that users pay an increased share of the costs. We encourage you to participate in recreational activities which will enhance your visit and create memories. And we also ask you to remember your role in keeping the outdoor recreational experience alive for others.

July 2022- December 2023 KWS Conservation Fees