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Watamu is a beautiful and peaceful village on the Kenya Coast, nestled between pristine beaches and lush tropical forest. Watamu, the name translates into ‘sweet people’ is a home to the Bajuni people; who trace their descendants to the intermarriages between the local Giriama People and the Arab traders. It is a small town approximately 20 kilometers south of Malindi. The town itself has grown from a small coastal village into a small settlement of huts and buildings. The town has an accelerating growth rate due to the popularity of the area as a great holiday destination, with a growing economy and population. Watamu beach lies between Watamu Bay to the north and Blue Lagoon to the south. The stunning Turtle Bay extends south from Blue Lagoon where it meets Mida Creek.

Watamu Bay

Watamu Bay can be accessed from the northern part of Watamu village, or the road heading north towards Bio-Ken snake farm. Inland from Watamu bay consists mainly of residential properties, although tourist accommodation developments are increasing here.

Blue Lagoon

Blue lagoon has a unique character, with its rounded beach, and tranquil waters. A range of accommodation from hotels, residential houses, and beach cottages have beautiful views overlooking the lagoon across the protective coral headlands and islands out to the Indian ocean.

Turtle Bay

Watamu beach stretches for about seven kilometres south to the mouth of Mida Creek. The north end of the bay is sheltered by an ancient coral headland – providing a natural harbour for vessels. Traditionally, dhows would wey anchor here, on their trade route north or so with with monsoon wind. Today, the bay provides shelter to modern sports fishing boats, glass-bottomed boats, and the occasional ngalawa or small dhow.