Watamu Beach in Kenya

Watamu beach is located in the beautiful and peaceful village of Watamu on the Kenyan coast, nestled between pristine beaches and lush tropical forest. Watamu, the name translates into ‘sweet people’ is a home to the Bajuni people; who trace their descendants to the intermarriages between the local Giriama people and the Arab traders. It is a small town approximately 20 kilometers south of Malindi. The town has an accelerating growth rate due to the popularity of the area as a great holiday destination, with a growing economy and population. 

Watamu town has a population around 1,900 and it is a part of Kilifi County. The Shoreline of the area features white sandy beaches and offshore coral formations arranged in different bays and beach like Garoda Beach, Turtle Bay, Blue Lagoon Bay and Jacaranda beach. They are a part of  Watamu marine national park. The marine park is one of the best parks for snorkeling and diving in the coast of East Africa. It is also one of the best beaches in Africa with crystal clear water and silver sand beaches.

Watamu beach in Kenya is indeed a beach paradise. Whilst the central beaches are seeing some development and expansion, they make very little difference to the pace of life. Even in peak season the beaches  at Watamu beach seldom hold more than a few people. 

Watamu beach features a long  high street that runs parallel to 3 beaches.  At the Southern end is Mida Creek and the Watamu Marine Park. The creek stretches 12 km inland; it is a place of mangrove swamp, weaverbirds, crayfish and black kite. Fishermen drift on dhows and village life remains little unchanged from early centuries. Watamu Marine National Park is a 90 mile stretch of preserved ocean of which a coral reef forms the backbone. The reserve has 1000 different species of fish including manta ray, whale shark, dugong and Olive, Ridley and Hawksbill turtle.