Tarangire National Park


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Tarangire National Park is one of Africa’s little-known gems and a must for any northern circuit itinerary. Boasting a variety of wildlife as diverse as its landscape, Tarangire is also the park that can boast being home to Tanzania’s largest population of African elephants. With four of the Big Five also residing within the park, it is a great spot for a day trip from Arusha or as an addition to a Serengeti/Ngorongoro centered itinerary.

Set against a backdrop of majestic baobab trees and twisted acacia, it makes for a beautiful experience. Tarangire National Park is beautiful during both the wet and dry seasons, It is excellent year round for game viewing. In fact, Tarangire boasts the 2nd highest concentration of wildlife of any Tanzanian park. More than 700 lions live here, and you’ll often spot them on safari drives. Other big cats here are leopards and cheetahs supported by vast herds of zebras amongst many other grazers. Between August and October when the wildlife is at its most concentrated, the park offers particularly good wildlife viewing conditions.

With the exception of the critically endangered black rhinoceros, Tarangire is home to all of Tanzania’s most iconic animals. From the diminutive dik-dik to the towering African elephants and giraffes that attract visitors from all around the world.

Tarangire park has a wide variety of habitats and food sources, Tarangire National Park is a popular destination for birds and the people who love to watch them. With more than 550 species of bird  the highest number on all of Tanzania -Tarangire truly is a birdwatcher’s paradise.