Lamu Island Kenya


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All about Lamu Island in Kenya

The small island of Lamu is located on the Indian Ocean. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Lamu Island Kenya is also the oldest Swahili settlement with origins dating back to the 12th century. Walking along the  streets, you can see the island’s rich trading history reflected in the buildings. Architectural features from the Arab world, Europe, and India are evident, with a distinctive Swahili designs. Carved wooden doors, coral stone buildings,  verandas, and rooftop patios are common features. Visiting here is a step back in the old days. You can see dhows in the ports and ocean. There are no vehicles and donkeys are common mode of transport.

Lamu’s narrow streets remain unchanged. And in the markets and squares around the fort life moves at the same pace as it always has. There are no vehicles on this island, and the donkey and the dhow remain the dominant form of transport. The people of Lamu Island Kenya are great believers in tradition and custom, and this is a strong society built on a respect for the past.

For the traveller, Lamu is indeed a hypnotically exotic experience. The relaxed and welcoming attitudes of the locals make it even more enjoyable. To visit Lamu Island Kenya is to enter another world, and the visitor finds themselves becoming a part of this world. Life slows down, and people spend long days strolling along the waterfront, exploring the town or relaxing on the beaches. Dhow safaris can take you beyond Lamu into the surrounding archipelago. Actually this is where isolated villages, ancient ruins and a few luxurious and exclusive resorts lie. Hidding among the islands of Manda, Siyu, Pate and Kiwayu. This idyllic island speaks to the heart and soul. A trip to Lamu is indeed a romantic experience that can become a lifelong affair.