Diani Beach in Kenya


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All You Need to Know about Diani Beach in Kenya

Surrounded by the breathtaking Indian Ocean, soft white sands, lush greenery and the striking shade of emerald blue that emerges from its clear warm waters, Diani Beach in Kenya is best for most relaxing retreat. It is indeed the perfect place to get away from the stress of everyday life or to relax before and after an exciting safari. Stretching along Kenya’s Indian Ocean coast like a ribbon of brilliant white, Diani Beach in Kenya is a gorgeous setting for a beach vacation. Against the backdrop of forests echoing with the cries of wildlife, visitors can relax in a truly idyllic destination.

With its 17 kilometers of beautiful, flawless, soft white sand, Diani Beach in Kenya has been awarded the best beach destination in Africa for 5 years running and is popular with families, honeymooners, backpackers and water-sports enthusiasts alike. From visiting  marine national park, diving with dolphins and nightlife, Diani offers a range of activities for all ages.

Ukunda where Diani Beach is located is mostly inhabited by Swahili people, whose culture is largely influenced by the Arabs. Communities present in the area include the Giriama, Digo, Duruma, Rabai, Kambe, Chonyi, Jibana, Kauma, and Ribe. These tribes represent a traditional way of life here. Fridays are the official prayer day for Muslims. On special occasions, you’ll find Swahili men donning their customary long white (or beige) robes. The are known as a kanzu, and small, white, rounded hats with elaborate embroidery. Swahili women do long black dresses called buibui, and cover their heads with a black cloth, known as a hijabu. It is also common to find Swahili women wearing a veil to cover their faces.