It is sometimes difficult to distinguish the different classes of safari lodges and camps in Kenya. This is because of the wide range of amenities offered in this facilities. The Kenyan government through Kenya tourism regulatory Authority is supposed to classify the hotels from the lowest level of a 1 star to the most luxurious 5 star. Most lodges and tented camp remain without the official classification from the government. This has left stakeholders who are mostly tour operators to determine they own way of classifying accommodation facilities. 

Tented camps and lodges in Kenya are generally classified as being Budget, Mid-range and Luxury.  There are also some which have different levels of star rating from the government. This article will focus on classification using the parameters budget, mid range or luxury. 

Kenya and Africa at large is known for providing travelers with various elegant choices from National Parks and beaches all the way through to its accommodation options. As a visitor, you can easily find luxury in unexpected places and there are options for everyone, whether you are traveling in the utmost luxury or strictly on a tight budget.

Most accommodation facilities in the parks are mostly tented camps which can either be classified as luxury, mid range or budget. The aim of tented camps is to conserve the environment hence the avoidance of permanent structures. The tented camps offer the facilities and amenities that can be found in a conventional hotel.

 Below are the differences between Luxury, mid-range and budget classes of safari lodges and camps in Kenya.

Luxury Accommodation 

These lodges and tented camps with a higher price tags and deliver design, quality, spaciousness and excellent services with attention to detail. Guests have full services, including 24-hour room service, amenities such as spas, health club , laundry services ,a concierge or even a butler. The property would have a much larger space with more facilities assigned.  Some camps and lodges also have private swimming pools and Jacuzzi. Luxury camps and lodges are  for travelers who have no budget restrictions whatsoever and are looking to enjoy the best of everything during their stay in Kenya. Fine dining, opulent rooms, lavish decorations, concierge services, name them. They perfectly capture what it means to live luxuriously in the wild. Top of the line services tailored to your requests, exotic food options, and other complementary services designed to make your stay as grand as they come. Luxury tented camps and lodges can also have the advantage of being located in the most prominent and best spots in the game park or reserve

How to Book

For fewer hassles, it’s probably best to book your luxury lodge through a local tour operator that is handling the other details of your trip. They often know the best ones and can take your specific requests into account when planning the entire itinerary. Contact us for rates and booking.

Mid-range Accommodations in Kenya

If you’re looking for more mid-range accommodation in Kenya, prepare to be a wide range of choice! The selection of tented camps and lodges are endless and offer great value for money. Mid-range accommodation facilities usually  exceeds expectations with ample space among other various services and amenities. They provide a luxury that you can relish after the day’s adventure in the game parks and reserves. 

These camps and lodges are often a less expensive accommodation option for your safari. Mid-range accommodations can range from basic hotel-like lodges to simple tented camps with a slight touch of luxury. The differences between this and budget accommodation are the amenities at your disposal, the size of the room and the location/view of your lodge/camp. Kenyan game parks and reserves have several camps and lodges which are less costly than the more exclusive properties while offering guests a rewarding experience. 

 Many of the mid-range tented properties in Kenyan safaris range between semi and fully permanent structures with raised wooden floors, clean bathrooms, and fine linens. These camps feature larger beds, basic amenities and in many cases, deck furniture on spacious front sitting areas overlooking a watering hole or the vast African Savannah.

How to book

Travel with great tour operators who know the good camps to book with. Your local safari tour operator can handle the accommodation arrangements on your behalf, which will be included in your total payment. 

Budget Accommodations in Kenya (classes of safari lodges and camps in Kenya)

Kenya boasts a wide range of affordable budget tented camps and lodges. If your goal is primarily to view wild life, you cannot go wrong with this facilities as they offer almost the same experience as other classes of accommodation; a nice place to sleep and good food. Most of them do not have swimming pools.

Budget Camps in our parks and reserves have been a more recent development, meant to cater for the price conscious traveler. These are the basic types of accommodation. They deliver excellent value for money and a one-of-a-kind experience. You can either choose to stay in a budget lodge or tented camp where you can enjoy basic amenities, or you can go camping in one of the park’s campsites. Sometimes a common restroom is usually shared by all campers on that site. For instance, almost all hotels classified as budget properties are located outside the main game park and reserve boundary. 

How to Book

Contact your safari organizer or a local tour operator to book your budget accommodation. They know the best from their experiences.

In many cases, the accommodation type you choose may also influence the other aspects of your trip such as the type of vehicle for game drives, exclusive activities, and even the variety of options on the menu. Regardless, the entire experience is enriched by cultural, historical and environmental orientation as well as knowing that you are in for the experience of a lifetime and are integral to the country’s budding tourism industry. So adventure, wildlife, turquoise waters with white sands, and cultural enrichment unlike any other. We hope that our blog on ‘Luxury, mid-range and budget safari accommodations in Kenya’ will help you point out the difference and choose wisely.

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