Kenya is a country based on the Sub Saharan part of Africa. Its capital and largest city is Nairobi. The territory lies on the equator which divides the country into half. The land of Kenya covers 581,309 km2 and has a population estimation of 47 million people. Its expansive terrain extends from around lake Victoria to lake Turkana up to the Indian Ocean.

Kenya attained independence in December 1963 from the British colonial rule. The country has a multi party political system whose hall mark is parliamentary democracy .Parliamentary politics in Kenya is a highly competitive field. Kenya has held its general elections every 5 years as required by the constitution without fail since the country attained independence in 1963.

Economically in East Africa, Kenya is a power house and it is more dynamic than the other countries in the region. Currency used is Kenya Shillings.

Kenya is one of the most diverse countries culturally and linguistically in Africa. The country has at least 40 ethnic groups speaking different languages. The languages in Kenya fall into three categories- Bantu, Nilotes and Cushites. It is also home to a large number of Europeans, Arabs, ,Indians and Pakistanis. Kiswahili is the national language while English is spoken by almost every Kenyan.

In terms of security Kenya is a relatively secure country. It has had few cases of terrorist attacks due to its close proximity with the unstable Somalia. This attacks are usually exaggerated by the media and some countries go to an extend of issuing travel advisories to their citizens not to visit Kenya. In this attacks, areas popular with tourists like parks have never been affected because the attacks mostly occur in semi arid areas nearer to the Somalia border. The Kenyan government has also significantly increased funding to the security agencies like the police hence improving the security situation. There is also a police unit called the tourism police which is fully dedicated to Tourism.

The climate varies across the country because the land rises from the sea level to over 5000 meters .By country lying on the equator it gives it a pleasant tropical climate. Daytime temperature for Kenya averages between 20 degrees centigrade and 28 degrees centigrade. but its warmer in the coast. The coast is hot and humid, but the heat is pleasant and tempered by the monsoon winds. Kenya has both dry and wet seasons. It doesn’t have real winter or summer because it is nearer to the equator.

Kenya is richly endowed with expansive wildlife reserves and national parks. It also has several world heritage sites and numerous beaches.

Visit Kenya to learn more and have a memorable holiday of your life time. Practice responsible Tourism.

Karibu Kenya.