Welcome to Kichaka Tours and Travel

Tourism is an industry associated with relaxation. Kichaka encourages people to take a break from their routine activities and take a holiday. This will help them be moreĀ  productive. We hope to assist in this endeavour by developing products and services that our clients will find satisfying. It is our aim to create beneficial impact to the environment through conservation and protection. Therefore we only promote non consumptive form of tourism which is not detrimental to the flora and fauna and is beneficial to the local communities.

The types of tours that we design include custom-made tours and pre-packaged tours. Pre packaged tours include hosted, independent and escorted tours. There also tours for people interested in learning about culture and heritage of the Kenyan people. The adventures are not left behind and there are activities for them too.

The tour packages are priced fairly to enable our clients enjoy a fulfilling holiday and always remember Kichaka tours and travel in a positive way. Do not fall for ridiculously low prices which compromise on quality. Use our services and we will have a long term beneficial relationship.